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I’m exited about some changes at the office

Right now it’s the night before to have an upgrade at the office and that got me excited about it.

Because after a year of hard work, we have the chance to grow our work space, maybe it couldn’t mean too much for other people but, in my case it represents the fruit of our dedication, tears and swear.

When my partners and me started this project, we don’t even know if this would still running after six months, and now more than a year later, finally we are seeing the light, with clients that add us value as company with projects that have a nice rating or stuff and getting other clients by clients refers, that’s so cool.

Even this week we hired a designer because the work need more people involved and that feels so good, to give the chance to other people to collaborate in the project and grow together.

Step by step, I hope this goes even better than now to grow as entrepreneur, company and why not? as a human being.


PD I’ll try to upload some photos about the upgrade later.

BRANDTELIER, the beggining
This picture is about us the first day we got our current office. From left to right Berna, Me and Herflo.



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