Not all bots @ Twitter are bad

I’m not the guy who’s always answering everything with memes, gifs or stuff, but I have the idea that sometimes the best response is not just a text, instead you could express yourself in a better way with an image like meme or a gif.

But looking for the correct gif isn’t that simple, sometimes it’s a pain in the ass going to the browser, type some gif search on Google, imgur, etc. and at the end of the day you spent a lot of time just because of a tweet response or so, frustrating right?

Well, there is a bot on Twitter, yeah I know, a bot that could help you with this kind of tasks and it’s very easy to reach and useful.

You just need to type “@slashgif + your search” for example for this post I wrote on Twitter “@slashgif if you know what I mean” and immediately I got a reply with this:

Cool uh?

A very close gif I was thinking about. I haven’t used it enough so far to tell you the bot is like God of gifs and I can’t tell you if every time it’s the right one what you get but, I have used it several times and most of them I have got the right ones.


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