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Snapchat from the beginning to these days, my thoughts

I started to use snapchat like two years ago or so, and at the beginning I didn’t find it useful, yeas it was a new and cool way to have text/photo chats with people, but the main feature was that the messages disappear after receiver watched it, ok… this just came to my head one thought:

This shit is encouraging to people to use it as sexting tool

And for some months it was, because people sometimes doesn’t has too many things to do and is always with their phone on one hand. And if you know most of Snapchat’s users are teenagers, well “the joke tells itself ” like we say in México. I talked with to many people who said they used snapchat to have naughty conversations, If You Know What I Mean ;)

snapchat in action
Snapchat in action, photo credits

In these days I used Snapchat, but no to sexting, really, I swear. I Just was sending texts to my friends but most of time I sent images modified to look fun or so with the Snapchat’s tool you know. And in a thing of months I lose the taste to use Snapchat.

Later, Snapchat came with a great feature, which for the is one of the most amazing in the app it’s called “Stories” that means you can upload photos and videos to your 24 Hrs. Story because every photo or video you upload to your story has 24 hours before it was deleted and people follow you can see it as manny times as they want (which doesn’t happen with DM). This feature is awesome because you can follow interesting people and watch it’s updates, or make your own.

Just after that, months later Snapchat came with a new feature called “Discover” which is like Stories but from others media Companies, like New York Times, MTV,  Cosmopolita, People, Yahoo News, Vice, and some others. This let this brands to upload to their “Channel” some news or articles everyday how it’s like a short TV show although I think this is the feature people use less.

And finally right now, a few months ago Snapchat came with a feature called “Lenses”, this feature lets you scan a face and apply some funny masks on it, and some filters response in some ways like opening your mouth, rising your eyebrows or something like that, even right now you can swap faces like a filter (although this filter is based in the app Swapface).

Snapchat lenses on actions
Snapchat lenses on actions, taken from

Well this is the end of this post, as a conclusion I can say Snapchat in these days is not the sexting App anymore, I’m not saying people doesn’t use for it right now, but is not common people think as a primer use to do it, I think the App and the community around it has matured and there is a lot of interesting people to follow on Snapchat.

Add me on Snapchat to keep in touch, just open Snapchat, when on camera scan this Snapcode below and tap on the screen ;)

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frkodes snapcode



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