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Twitter Is Pushing Celebrities And Publishers To Stop Using Meerkat? What is that?

Everybody knows Twitter is doing whatever it can to help its live video streaming acquisition Periscope beat independent competitor Meerkat which is kind of cold war between this two services in these days. Multiple sources tell to TechCrunch that Twitter has been contacting celebrities who use Meerkat, trying to convince them Meerkat is dying and that they should use Periscope instead.

The last paragraph says me that Twitter has some kind of bad feeling about it’s product, the product is not bad at all, but they really feel the danger from it’s competitor Meerkat and they are desperated by making seem like Meerkat is dead because it represents a big challenge to win the fight about to who is the best streaming App or stuff.

The sources also say Twitter has been in touch with media companies that use Meerkat, going so far as to imply that if they don’t exclusively use Periscope, it could cut off their access to Amplify. Amplify, in short, is Twitter’s answer to commercial TV: it’s a product that pairs media companies with brands to create promoted tweets based around video clips, giving a boost of reach both to the media company and the brand sponsoring it.

One more time, Twitter is acting like they have a big problem and, for that reason they are threatening to some other media companies trying to make them fall in his game.

But Twitter is not the only one trying to catch stars, it seems. One source tells us that Meerkat has been tapping celebrities from Vine, a Twitter-owned app, to get them to broadcast on Meerkat. Meerkat disputes this (see update, below). Many Vine stars already broadcast on YouNow, another competing live broadcasting app. And Meerkat also managed to bag a big exclusive with Madonna, albeit with some hiccups.

In my personal opinion, there is some things that make these two apps different:

Periscope, has a nice user interface, they have the “hearts” when you spread love through the streaming by tapping the screen, I think the video quality is not the best, they don’t have an specific app for iPad or at least it does not adapt to the device properly, but now they are in hype or so, due to the Twitter’s moves you know.

Meerkat, has an specific app for iPad (which I really like), has a nice user interface and user experience because for example, when you have poor connection a little meerkat animation appears moving the “antenna” just like the humans used to do before haha, while in the other app just have a poor message “low connection” or so, boring. Which I don’t like about Meerkat is that you need to turn it off the switch comments if you don’t want to send all of them to twitter as regular tweeter mentions this is kind of annoying.

At the end of the day I prefer Meerkat but, this is my personal opinion, what do you think about it?

Source techcrunch


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