Why left fears and stuff behind is the best thing in life

Hey guys!

I know I said I needed to write more in the blog, well this is what ?im trying to do right now.

Well, this time I want to tell you about a little story, maybe you don’t know but a few months ago I started a youtube channel and before that I was kind of fearful about it, because maybe we are not comfortable with been watched for a long period of time, anyways.

Although I think I’m not a shy person, there’s always than feeling about what people could think about yo do or maybe you think people is not gonna like yo do and stuff, but shouldn’t give so much value to it, because when I started to film, edita and upload my videos I figured out is not easy to talk to a camera the first time, but once you do it for the very first time is more easy again each time.

Then, months later I don’t have a big community subscribed to my channel by far, but is doesn’t matter because I really enjoy to create every video, sometimes I’m editing video at midnight even later and it’s ok, because I really enjoy it.

I know I’m not a life guru or so, I just wanted to talk about it, because I know people how critiques people doing their stuff but it is just the envy which doesn’t leaves follow with theirs lives free.

At the beginning the stuff you do maybe is gonna be not the best in town, but with the discipline to do it and do it again will help you to improve.

This is the end and, if you want to support me, please subscribe to my channel HERE!



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